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Sweets recipe collection Sweet at Home (e-book)

Sweets recipe collection Sweet at Home (e-book)

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[Message from the creator]

``You can make it at home while relaxing whenever you like, and even when you're alone, you can make it with your family.
I want "homely sweets that you can enjoy even with friends" to be part of everyone's daily life..!!
From this idea, Sweet at Home was born.

It is not listed in the e-book “NOURISH YOUR SOUL” published in 2017 or the lifestyle recipe book “+LOVE” published in December 2019.
A collection of popular and favorite recipes *.'・

What should I have as a reward dessert tonight?
Should I surprise my favorite friend/family member with something?
What should I make for this Halloween/X'mas/New year/BD party?

When I thought so, I suddenly opened this E-BOOK and
I would be really happy if you could enjoy it while expanding your imagination*・゜*:.。.

Always always always,
give love to your soul, body, and mind xx

Thank you & I love you all,

[Especially recommended for the following people]

●I want a variety of homemade sweets that I can enjoy at home!
●I want to try and get used to making sweets that don't use animal ingredients!
●I want to make natural & high quality nutritious snacks!
●I want sweets recipes that kids can make together and have fun eating!
●If you are overcoming an eating disorder or diet addiction, you need motivation and inspiration to remember that it's okay to enjoy making and eating sweets!
● Looking for recipes that are free of allergens such as wheat, soybeans, nuts, dairy products, and eggs!
● I want to make sweets with low GI, high protein, and low calories to manage/improve my physical condition!
●I want recipes that are perfect for parties and picnics, as well as homemade gifts!

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