• A pinch of love for each irreplaceable day.

    Because you are the creator of your life. Let's create a daily life where we can do what we really love, surround ourselves with only the things we truly love, and cherish what is truly important. Bring more excitement to your daily life, and bring love and peace to the world...

  • “Creativity” is something I have loved more than anything since I was 3 years old.

    When I was little, I would create picture books and poetry books using random paper, I would try to make high heels out of newspaper, and I would try making dresses using noren curtains without using needles or thread. . . Since then, my passion for creating something new has never faded. Through such creativity, I have only one goal. ``I want to deliver even just a pinch of love to every being, the plus energy that connects their hearts, lives, and the world...'' From this desire, the original brand +Love was born. No matter what the product is, everyone who receives it will feel happy ❤︎ Receive inspiration ❤︎ Excited ❤︎ It will warm your heart ❤︎ It will make you want to value yourself, this life, and everything on this planet more ❤︎ Remembering what I love❤︎…etc.” I strongly want to deliver that kind of magic through various creative items.

+love donates a portion of its sales to the non-profit organization "One Tree Planted."