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Handmade affirmation art cards (set of 3)

Handmade affirmation art cards (set of 3)

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Thank you very much for all your orders! ! !
Please wait for a while until the next new product/restock ♡

*Prices have been revised due to improvements in art supplies costs and doubling of production time.
This product is a one-of-a-kind item, all handmade in the series.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
*The actual cards you will receive will be a surprise set of 3 cards selected by Lina's.

+One in the world! Your own SPECIAL 3-piece set +

New! Self-care items created from “pieces” of Lina Mirai's original original art ♡

A piece of original art is scattered like stars,
Each piece will go on a journey as a unique piece.

However, when we all gather together, we can become ``one'' again.

Just like the shape of the puzzle earth...♻︎♡˚✧₊

+ What's affirmations? What 's affirmations?

When I was 15 years old, I discovered Affirmation through a book by Miranda Kerr.
Since then, it has become a ``habit of the mind'' that is as essential to daily life as brushing your teeth♡

There are many elements in the earth/human world,
Among them, "words" sometimes serve as magic potions that cause miracles,
It also acts as a spirit of speech that makes wishes come true˚✧₊⁎・

In order to create positive miracles in your life by borrowing the power of such powerful words,
With good intentions every day,
“The reality I really want to achieve & the image and feeling I want to be”
By having a habit of saying it in your mind and out loud,
Your brain and body will begin to honestly believe that ˚✧₊⁎・

Then surely,
Because life will naturally lead you to the path just as you say...˚✧₊⁎・

+ From the creator +

Through the unique colors, shapes, and energy depicted on each card, I hope that the "words of protection" or "words of magic" that support you now will become even more powerful...♻︎・: *+.

Feel and trust your intuition when you pick up the card.
Please use it as a ``mental reminder'' to live your true self♡

Thank you

+ How to use? Recommended usage +

You are free to use it however you like, but please feel free to use the ideas below ♡

◎As a bookmark for books and notebooks
◎Put it in your wallet or smartphone case as a talisman
◎ Display it on your room wall or refrigerator as a daily reminder.
◎As a gift for someone special
◎Collect them in a folder etc. to create a card collection.

+ Item contents +

♦︎ 3 affirmation art cards selected for each person by Lina Mirai
(or all sets ordered)

+ size +

♦︎Big size:
Length: 7~7.5cm
Width: 10~11cm

♦︎Compact size:
Height: 6cm
Width: 9 ~10cm

High quality cardboard for watercolor painting

*Based on customer survey results, we mainly produce Compact size.
*Because everything is handmade,
Each piece has its own unique size. Please use this as a rough guide.
*We may select and deliver both Big and Compact sizes.

< Important matter >

*The estimated shipping date may be delayed.

*Please note that we do not accept returns/refunds/exchanges.
If you receive a defective item, please contact us.

*We will issue your credit card statement and the [order confirmation] sent to you via email instead of issuing a receipt. Please note this in advance.

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