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[omamori] Word collection

[omamori] Word collection

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"I've been dreaming for this since I was 17 years old.

a book to inspire your soul”

To find your true self and grow your soul,

To everyone who are walking on life's journey


This work is my "heart" itself.


For 7 years from the age of 16 to 24,

In all kinds of life stories, it was "words" that turned pain and hardship into courage and healing, and led us to our true selves.

On SNS screens and notes,

There are words that have been dormant in my heart for a while, but I will shine a light on them once again,

To reach the hearts in need at the right time...

A book that I have dreamed of.

omamori is something that is important to you,

I hope that I can contribute in some small way to reminding you of your truth, and that your heart will forever be protected by a warm light of hope.


With eternal love and gratitude.


—— How to use  ——

✧ Mental reminder book / Carry it around as a talisman

Face the page that opens intuitively like an oracle card

✧Decorate your favorite spreads as interior decoration according to your life season

Whether you feel alone or want to take another step forward, this book is your friend.

—— Recommended for ——

✧ People who are overcoming or have experienced mental illness such as depression or eating disorders

Facing yourself/Working on self-improvement

Because of HSP temperament, it is easy to feel tired in life.

I'm looking for a book that will lead to a little solace in my alone time.

✧Do you have an important friend/family member/lover who fits the above criteria?

I want to make the journey of life a richer experience centered on love. I dedicate this to everyone who wishes to do so.


—— Details ——

We are particular about creating a simple, compact, and sacred design.

The photos are a collection of the most energetic ones from my travels and daily life in various countries.

+ Publisher: ‎ Author self-published

+ Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 156 pages

+ Dimensions: ‎ Vertical 160mm x Width 105mm x Thickness 16mm

+ Product contents: book, 2 bonus items



——Bonus details——


1 omamori limited art postcard (online shop limited item)

1 piece of vegan skin care brand “SUPER EGG” facial pack

SUPEREGG is a skin care brand built with 100% vegan ingredients, focusing on the beauty effects of eggs and based on the concept of ``vegan eggs,'' which are reproduced using the latest technology and high-quality plant ingredients. The hydrogel-like Calm Movements Iron Cheek Mask included in this bonus set is

By adhering closely to the skin and providing moisture, it supports the skin's barrier function and prevents skin irritation. Centella asiatica extract, white fungus extract, etc. moisturize sensitive skin,

Vitamin B5 (panthenol) and sodium hyaluronate lead to smooth, egg-like elastic skin. Compact shape makes it suitable for daily use and travel.

*Vegan means no animal-derived ingredients

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